SNSD’s Yoona & Taeyeon visit Yesung’s parents cafe, Handel and Gretel

Back in July, Super Junior‘s Yesung helped his parents open a cafe in Apgujeong, Seoul called “Handel and Gretel“, which serves delicious drinks and sandwiches. Recently, two of the ladies fromSNSD dropped by for a visit!

Yeseung recently wrote via his Twitter page, “Taeyeon and Yoona stopped by Handel and Gretel… how sweet of them!“, and uploaded two photos.

In the photos, the casually dressed girls took a selca by Yesung’s photo that is hanging in the cafe as proof that they were there. In the other photo, the girls posed with Yesung’s brother who seems to be an employee at the restaurant as he’s seen wearing his red apron.

Netizens who saw the photos remarked, “Jealous of the unnis“, “The oppa is prettier than the girls!“, and “Looks like the shop is doing well.”

Source: Yesung’s twitter

f(x)’s Krystal and SNSD’s Jessica show their sisterly love

f(x)‘s Krystal and SNSD‘s Jessica created some buzz with their sisterly love.

On October 27th, Krystal posted the above pictures with her older sister through her me2day. In the picture, the two of them are lying on a bed behind candlelit cupcakes, making aegyo poses toward the cupcakes. In particular, fans noticed the picture of Jessica pursing her lips to give her little sister a kiss.

Fans commented, “So heartwarming. They’re definitely the Goddess sisters”, “I’m envious of their superior genes”, and “The two of you are both pretty. Definitely Jung sisters!”

Krystal recently celebrated her 17th (18 in Korea) birthday on October 24th.

Source: Star News via Nate
Krystal’s me2day

SNSD wins #1 in M! Countdown

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back with another episode of great performances!

Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between SNSDKim Hyun Joong, and SECRET, but in the end, it was SNSD who clinched a win with “The Boys“!

Congratulations to SNSD!

Other performers tonight included INFINITE, U-KISS, F.T. Island, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Bo Kyung, B1A4, M.I.B, MYNAME, Orange Caramel Kim Wan Sun, Huh Gak and Davichi.

SNSD brings “The Boys” out on ‘M Countdown’

After a long year away, SNSD is finally back with a new song called “The Boys” and they’ve brought a fierce new image with them!

The girls dished out a confident swagger in their performance that drew full-out screams from the audience. Their stage on ‘M Countdown‘ today wowed the audience with its dramatic setup, which perfectly reflected the concept of “The Boys”.

In an earlier interview, Sooyoung explained the key point in their choreography, saying,“We tried hard to make [the dance] match the song, however, it’s not as aggressive or powerful as we thought initially. The ‘going down’ movement during the rap portion came about because there needed to be an impact at that point. The choreography team was trying to decide whether or not to include that move, but we insisted that we’d do it. They asked if it would be okay to just have 4 of the members do it, but all the members stated that they wanted to do it.”

Looks like the girls managed to bring down the house with them.

Check out SNSD’s comeback stage below!

SNSD returns to Korea after ‘SM TOWN New York’

After successfully concluding their epic concert along with the rest of SMTOWN at New York’s Madison Square GardenSNSD returned to home soil at dawn on the 27th via Incheon International Airport, feeling re-inspired to take Korea by storm once again.

The girls will be immediately jumping right back into their Korean promotions for “The Boys” with an appearance on ‘M! Countdown‘ on the day of their return, followed by the prerequisite rounds on the three major music programs, ‘Inkigayo‘, ‘Show! Music Core‘, and ‘Music Bank‘.

Be sure to check back with allkpop for updates on their performances!

Source: Star News via Naver