SNSD’s Yoona & Taeyeon visit Yesung’s parents cafe, Handel and Gretel

Back in July, Super Junior‘s Yesung helped his parents open a cafe in Apgujeong, Seoul called “Handel and Gretel“, which serves delicious drinks and sandwiches. Recently, two of the ladies fromSNSD dropped by for a visit!

Yeseung recently wrote via his Twitter page, “Taeyeon and Yoona stopped by Handel and Gretel… how sweet of them!“, and uploaded two photos.

In the photos, the casually dressed girls took a selca by Yesung’s photo that is hanging in the cafe as proof that they were there. In the other photo, the girls posed with Yesung’s brother who seems to be an employee at the restaurant as he’s seen wearing his red apron.

Netizens who saw the photos remarked, “Jealous of the unnis“, “The oppa is prettier than the girls!“, and “Looks like the shop is doing well.”

Source: Yesung’s twitter

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