Girls’ Generation(SNSD)’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ song reviews & descriptions


1. The Boys

The title song, ‘The Boys’, is the song created exclusively for Girls’ Generation by one the world’s top 3 producers, Teddy Riley, and it is a pop-urban dance song presenting Teddy Riley’s unique futuristic sound laid on top of the powerful drum beats and eccentric harmony.

By giving consideration to Girls’ Generation who will be performing in the world stages, he focused on writing a song with elegant beat, sound, and melody that can appeal to the whole world rather than writing a so called ‘hook song’ which simply repeats the hook of the song.

Following this concept, Young-Jin Yoo, a hit composer, completed the lyric sensuously with the message that Girls’ Generation gives to all boys and men of the world on behalf of the girls and women, ‘Get up and have confidence and courage to make your dream come true.’

to further the perfection of the song up to the ‘world class level.’

Teddy Riley is a member of ‘Black Street’, the father of ‘New Jack Swing’ that shook up the hearts of music fans throughout the 1980’s and the 1990’s, was the producer of songs for Michael Jackson such as ‘Remember The Time’, and is currently producing the million seller album of

Lady Gaga. And for he is the master of sound continuously creating the best songs, the special team-up of him and Girls’ Generation will definitely mesmerize the music fans of the world.


2. Telepathy

This is a bright and brilliant synth-pop that tells about the flutter, the feeling of love, through the telepathy.

The chorus that sounds like the sound of telepathy is interesting while song depicts the joy of sweet love.

The first part that expresses the personality of each member is nicely combined with the second part where the splendid but moderate harmony of 9 members.


3. Say yes

‘Say Yes’ is a retro-pop of the 21st century with exciting tempo. This song, depicting a girl who could not wait any longer for her lover’s confession that she confessed her love first, is written by Young-Hu Kim who wrote ‘Let’s talk about LOVE’ included in the first mini album, and the fresh and bubbly feeling of Girls’ Generation is impressive.



‘TRICK’ is a dance song that outstandingly combined the latest pop style and the charming disco track and is accentuated by the delicate arrangement of the voices of Girls’ Generation members who have different characters. The lyric tells a story of Girls’ Generation who became magicians to add fun to the song.


5. How great is your love

‘How great is your love’ is a bright R&B ballad and the Girls’ Generation member, Soo Young, wrote the lyric for the song. The simple piano line, the orchestration that warmly embraces the heart, and the authentic R&B drum and bass are perfectly matched to express sad feeling within the bright sound. Fans will have the chance to feel the richer sensitivities of Girls’ Generation members through this song and it is expected to receive great responses in return.


6. My J

‘My J’ gives the dynamic and groovy feeling with the

8-beat shuffle rhythm, presenting the bright and lively charms of Girls’ Generation. Unlike the acoustic sound of the first verse, the song interestingly combines the dance beat in the second verse to delicately express the sensitivity of a girl who ardently fell in love.



‘OSCAR’ has the interesting lyric that metaphorically depicts the music that Girls’ Generation is presenting today and will present tomorrow while they are enhancing their position as the top group in the world beyond Korea and Asia. In the midst of the powerful and dark sound, the vocals of Girls’ Generation members with bursting energy and strong character stand out prominently.


8. Top Secret

‘Top Secret’ is a medium pop that renews the retro charm of Girls’ Generation following the hit song, ‘Hoot’, and the rhythmical melody line and the sound created with retro sensitivities are familiar and also new to the ears.

Also, the lyric contains a warning to the man that chases a girl like a stalker to add fun to the listening.


9. Lazy Girl(Dolce Far Niente)

‘Lazy Girl’ is an up-tempo modern dance song that adds the cheerful feeling to the song by combining the acoustic sound of the drum and the vintage synthesizer sound.

The lyric wittily describes a girl who wishes to chill out and slack off as much as she likes without doing anything all day.


10. Sunflower

This song calmly depicts the sad and lonely secret crush in the mood of the 1980’s pop ballad. The lyric depicted the heartrending feeling of love of a girl who can only look at the lover like the sunflower looks at the sun and the music presents the composed and candid feeling through the instruments and arrangements used popularly in the 1980’s~1990’s to make the sadness in the lyric stand out further.



‘VITAMIN’ is the cheering song from Girls’ Generation who enjoys great popularity among fans of all ages and both sexes, and it gives the message that we should not lose our true heart even in times of difficulty and when we feel loneliness. The string and brass that run on top of the pleasant rhythm along with the voice of Girls’ Generation giving the message of hope make listeners feel as if they are at the concert for them alone and feel the healthy energy.


12. MR.TAXI(Korean ver.)

This is the Korean version of the third single song released in Japan in April. It enjoyed explosive popularity in Japan such as winning the first place in the ORICON Single Daily Chart and also the Korean version of this song disclosed for the first time in the second solo concert held in Korea in July pulled great responses from Korean fans. While this song is presented with the powerful and impressive performance of the

Girls’ Generation, the dance motion for the chorus became quite a hit in Japan as well as all of Asia.


Taken from SNSD’s official website ‘The Boys’ album info

Via Yunie108 @ Twitter

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