Which SNSD member looks best in a wedding dress?

A survey conducted on Daum asked their users, “Which SNSD member looks the best in a wedding dress?

The poll continues until the 31st, but as of 8:50pm KST on the 13th, 10,120 users participated in the poll and Yoona came in at first place with 25.1% of all votes, while Seohyun came in at second place with 23.9% of the votes.

Taeyeon came in at third place seizing 13.1% of the votes, Yuri was behind her with 9.4%, andHyoyeon with 7.2%.

Tiffany and Jessica tied for 6th place, each with 6.2% of the votes, Sunny at 7th place with 4.7%, andSoo Young came in last with 4.3% of the votes.

The reason this survey came about was because SNSD had revealed a teaser photo wearing wedding dresses to promote their upcoming maxi single release in the States.

Netizens responded to the survey with, “Yoona & Seohyun were picked because of their innocent charm“, “I wonder who will come in at first“, “I wonder if they are nervous too“, and “All 9 of them look good in wedding dresses.”

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