[SPOILER] SNSD Seohyun tickles Kim Jong Kook on Running Man + full episode

On the latest episode of Running Man, the SNSD ladies were paired up with different Running Man members than the previous episode.  The couples were paired based on each person’s morning wake-up time.

Both Seohyun and MC Yoo Jae Suk woke up the earliest in their groups and were coupled together.  The other couples included: Yoona&GaryHyoyeon&Ji Suk JinJessica&Haha, and Kim Jong Kook&Taeyeon.  Hilariously Yuri and Kwang Soo were coupled again, making everyone wonder if they were fated to be together.

Through a drawing, Seohyun and MC Yoo were chosen to be the predators of the game and their mission was to annihilate the other couples by tearing the paper chain which links the couples together.  SNSD Seohyun and MC Yoo did amazingly well as they quickly terminated 4 couples within minutes!  With most of the teams gone, only the Korean Spartan and Taeyeon couple remained.

MC Yoo and Seohyun frantically chased after the two, but found it difficult to cut their chains off due to Jong Kook’s super strength.  However, Seohyun outsmarted the muscleman when she tickle-tortured him from all sides.  Ultimately, Jong Kook lost control and Seohyun claimed victory.

Check out the entire episode below (tickle action starts in part 6).

<Part 1>

<Part 2>

<Part 3>

<Part 4>

<Part 5>

<Part 6>

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