[Spoiler: Running Man] HaHa enjoys his newlywed life with Taeyeon

The October 9th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ continued where they left off last week with the relay race between SNSD and the ‘Running Man’ members.

Before they began their official mission, the two groups were asked to pick a member from the other team to switch members with.  SNSD chose HaHa while the ‘Running Man’ team chose Jessica.  Haha and Taeyeon paired up with Gary and Jessica to head off to a nearby mart to buy ingredients for their dish.

HaHa was unable to hide his joy at being partnered with Taeyeon and immediately began acting like a newlywed husband, showing off their couple ring any chance he got.  They also affectionately called each other by their nicknames, ‘Bbungbbungi’ and ‘Bbungsuni’.

HaHa even went up to a mart employee and proudly stated, “We promise to live happily!”

Upon meeting Jessica and Gary in the mart, HaHa jokingly asked, “You’re the couple that lives in the floor under us, right?” Gary surprised everyone into a fit of laughter by retorting, “I’m just going to eat dinner with her and leave.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

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