Who wore it better? SNSD’s Jessica or IU?

On a recent episode of SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘ SNSDJessica was seen wearing a dress that was previously worn by IU on ‘Inkigayo‘.

Coupled with her elegant wavy hair, Jessica wore the bird print dress with a long black cardigan, giving off a very feminine feel.

IU on the other hand, kept to her cute roots by tying up her hair, pairing the dress up with a bow headband and matching rings.

After the broadcast, this unique ‘Purple Bird’ sleeveless dress by Lewitt has become a very popular item.

Netizens commented, “It’s the same dress but each put their own individual taste to it” and “Wavy hair with that dress makes it look very feminine“.

Who do you think wore it better?


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I'm RaMaR, not my real name.. I'm became a S♥ne for 4 years!

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  1. I think IU looks better here. My opinion is biased dun mind me haha 😀

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