SNSD’s Jessica is devil-like to Japanese fans?

It has been revealed that Jessica of SNSD has been found to be ‘devil-like’ to some Japanese fans.

This shocking discovery has been made on cable channel Y-Star‘s ‘Goong Geum Ta‘ by asking roughly 200 Japanese tourists to rate the members of SNSD. Not only did the Japanese tourists know who they were but they knew all their names and their specialties (personality and what they’re most known for). It was amazing to see how popular and the vast knowledge the Japanese fans had of SNSD.

Out of all the reviews and feedback the members of SNSD received, Jessica’s interesting rating stands out the most. The reason being is that just like how Koreans think of Jessica as the ‘ice princess’ because of her cold image, Japanese fans view her as ‘devil-like’. A bit far fetched from what Koreans think, but nonetheless a similar concept. Note that ‘Devil-like’ isn’t a bad meaning in Japan. ‘Devil-like’ in Japan is the same as calling someone ‘fatally beautiful’ which doesn’t have a negative connotation but rather says she’s more like a femme fatale.

Jessica received 22% of votes claiming her title as ‘devil-like’, with this she placed 3rd as the most popular member of SNSD.

The #1 most popular SNSD member will be revealed on an upcoming episode of ‘Goong Geum Ta’.

Source + Image: Naver

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