SNSD’s comeback causes a delay in the comeback of other artists

SNSD’s delayed comeback didn’t just upset fans; it’s also thrown the comeback plans of other artists into complete disarray.

Many had planned their comeback dates to avoid being overshadowed by SNSD, but now that the date’s up in the air, they all confessed that they have to re-adjust their schedules.

A representative of one artist who was originally scheduled to make a comeback at the end of this month said, “With SNSD suddenly delaying their comeback, we’re all worried about whether it will overlap with ours. It’s more beneficial for us on the digital charts, and gives us the chance to make headlines if there was a two week gap between their comeback and ours. It seems we’ll just have to set another date.”

Another representative added, “SNSD has made a lot of achievements overseas, and since it’s their first Korean comeback in a while, they will surely gain a lot of headlines. We’re trying to set a comeback date away from theirs, so we’re all keeping our ears open for a final date.

There are rumors that SNSD has set their comeback for the third week of October, but SM Entertainment has yet to confirm.  All of their interviews and comeback stages originally scheduled for the first week of October have been postponed.

Souce + Photos: OSEN via Naver

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