“Running Man” members strip for SNSD?

On the latest episode of Running Man, the male cast stripped off their clothes to put a roof over some SNSD members’ heads.

On the October 2nd broadcast, members paired up to play a relay race game. During the opening, it started drizzling, which caused other members to forcefully strip Kim Jong Kook of his cardigan and give it to Taeyeon. Taeyeon used the cardigan to protect herself from the rain. Although Kim Jong Kook was quite startled and resistant, he gave it up to be a gentleman, on Yoo Jae Suk’s comment.

As the members kept entering, the rest of the men had to take off their clothes to provide “umbrellas” for the girls. When Yuri joked, “You know SNSD has nine members, right?”, Yoo Jae Suk hilariously replied, “Then, we’re going to start stripping beginning with Kim Jong Kook again.”

Source: Hankooki via Naver

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