Yoona and Yuri spread their legs in ‘Running Man’

Before you read ahead, keep your minds out of the gutter: SNSD‘s YoonA and Yuri have been receiving lots of attention for their dorky ‘leg-spread dance’ on SBS‘s “Running Man.

On the October 2nd episode,  six members of SNSD appeared on the show to compete as teams of 2′s with the members of “Running Man”.

In the race, the last mission was to pick a number on the karaoke machine and sing until they received the exact score.

The green team, formed of two teams of Kwang Soo and Yuri, and Jae Suk and YoonA, picked DJ DOC’s “Run To You”, and performed the song accompanied by an energetic dance. What caught the attention was the intro to the song which required the embarrassing ‘leg-spread dance’, which requires one to get low with their legs spread wide while raising their hands.

Yuri and Yoona started dancing the ‘leg-spread dance’ with their one goal to achieve the mission, dropping their innocent, girl image, and Taeyeon screamed Yuri’s name in shock. As the girls continued the ‘leg-spread dance’, the other members exploded in laughter as they could not stand watching the girls.

In addition, Yuri performed her ‘ggap dance’, which she was banned from doing by the agency, bringing more laughter to the set.

Source: Reviewstar via Naver

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