SNSD fights over Yoo Jae Suk and Gary on ‘Running Man’?

On October 2nd, SBS‘s ‘Running Man guested six members from SNSD who paired up with the male hosts of the show to participate in a couple racing game.

To pick their partners, SNSD and the male MCs had to shoot an imaginary arrow (just like in the dance choreography for “Hoot“) towards their partner of choice. If the individual accepts the proposal, then he/she must return the arrow with a “Fine with me!“.  On the other hand, those who wanted to reject proposals must say “Hoot“.

At first, the process went smoothly as Haha picked TaeyeonKim Jong Gook chose Seohyun, andGary picked Jessica. But as time went on, the remaining girls’ facial expressions changed bitterly as none of the MCs picked them.

Looking at the situation, Ji Suk Jin confidently believed that Yuri would accept his proposal, as onlyKwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk remained beside him.  Unfortunately for him, Yuri immediately rejected his offer and picked MC Yoo. A love triangle was formed when Kwang Soo couldn’t give up on Yuri and attempted to claim her back.  Yuri rejected with a “Hoot” which lead YoonA to pick MC Yoo.

The situation became more messy when Hyoyeon chose Gary who was already taken by Jessica.  Gary could not hide his joy as it must have been like a dream for him, having two SNSD members fighting over him.  Gary could not reject Hyoyeon and accepted her proposal, but Jessica immediately proposed to Gary again in which he accepted, leaving Hyoyeon upset by his instability.


Source + Photos: reviewstar via Naver

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