SNSD’s “The Boys” to be delayed due to release in the States?

It has been revealed that SNSD has plans to delay their album release in Korea because they will also be releasing an album in the US.

SM Entertainment stated, “It has been decided that SNSD will release an album in the States in an attempt to market ‘The Boys‘ to the Korean and international audience simultaneously. The release dates are only tentative at this point and may change. We will announce detailed information as soon as things are finalized.”

According to an album sales website, SNSD’s new album was scheduled to be released on October 5th but it currently may be postponed.

This album is especially noteworthy, as Michael Jackson‘s very own producer Teddy Riley has written and composed an urban dance track for the girls.

With the possible delay of their album release, their scheduled October 7th comeback TV stage will most likely be postponed as well.

Source & Image : XSportsNews via Nate

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